How Your Mood Affects Your Pet

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By Sarah

If you’re like most pet parents, your relationship with your pets is as close (or more) than members of your family.

This is a beautiful thing!

But just like how your family feels your moods, and may sometimes give you a wide berth, your pets do too.

The difference is, animals are all heart. Instead of giving you space or trying to help solve whatever is bothering you, your pet will be right there in the mood with you.

Some will sit near you and try to lend comfort. Some will try to act like everything is normal.

How they behave in the moment depends on you and what they think you need.

What doesn’t change is that they will absorb your mood.

The thing is, your pets can’t process emotions the same way. They may start to exhibit behavior changes or physical symptoms.

They may bite, scratch, hiss, hide or any number of other unusual behaviors. Once this happens, it’s important to help them clam down and release those emotions they’ve taken on.

This will take time and patience.

The easier thing to do is any time you’re not your best self is to tell your furry kids that they do not have to take on your mood.

Calmly let them know that you’re upset, but not with them, and that they do not have to take on your feelings.

You can then feel your feels knowing your pets are protected while you do.

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