Humanitourism – Helping Animals in Underserved Communities Around the World

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by Sarah

As my followers know, my mission is to create a world in which all beings are respected and honored. As part of that, I’m honoring “Humane Heroes.”

A Human Hero is someone who has done, or is doing, exceptional work to rescue and care for animals of any species.

For this post, I’m honoring Zoe Katsulos. Zoe was nominated by marketing consultant Grace Fong for her work with Humanitourism. Thank you, Grace, for connecting me with Zoe and her amazing work!

What is Humanitourism?

In short, it’s Humans helping Animals through ecoTourism. They help animals and communities by taking people to volunteer on animal welfare projects in underserved communities and combine that with a culturally sensitive and sustainable ecotourism adventure.

In Grace’s words:

(because I really couldn’t say it any better, Grace is a marketing professional after all!)

“Zoe Katsulos is the founder of and a strong animal advocate who has been leading adventure tours for over 25 years.

She started Inside/Out Adventures in 2009 as the exclusive provider of Humanitourism trips, which gives travelers the opportunity to help animals in underserved communities around the world. The trips also contribute to local economies while offering guests an authentic experience of the people, food, culture, traditions and landscape of the countries visited.

During a Humanitourism trip to Nepal in 2017, Katsulos led the rescue of 11 special needs dogs to the U.S. She worked with her network of community businesses and supporters to obtain resources and funds to bring two groups of dogs, who were adopted by families in Colorado and other states.

Each of the dogs from Nepal has a tragic story and a need for a special permanent home. For example, one was hit by a car then thrown in a river and left to die. Another was severely beaten after he broke free from being tied up next to garbage outside.

All of these rescue dogs now have a second chance of life with a loving family — a chance they would not have in Nepal, where adoptions of even the healthiest of dogs are rare. “Nobody in Nepal would adopt a dog who’s missing a jaw, missing an ear, paralyzed, missing a leg,” said Katsulos. “They have zero chance unless we get them out. There, they’re doomed.”

In March 2019, Katsulos led the annual one-week tour to Mexico where she and her group volunteered at a spay/neuter clinic, helping to sterilize nearly 200 animals to reduce the overpopulation of stray dogs and cats in Manzanillo. On this trip, four special pups were rescued and traveled to their new homes in the U.S.”

A little more about Zoe…

Zoe founded inside/out Adventures and Humanitourism to fulfill a personal mission to empower individuals to better their lives, the lives of others and the lives of animals. She believes that travel and the outdoors provide an unparalleled environment for creating challenges and opportunities which serve to push individuals toward personal growth and development.

I am completely inspired by Zoe’s energy, passion, and commitment to making the world a safer place for animals. And I absolutely love that’s she’s been able to tap into the travelers of the world to assist with her efforts.

To me, this feels like a beautiful marriage of adventure and service.

Zoe, I salute you! And animals everywhere thank you.

If you’d like to learn more about the dogs from Nepal, check out this news story.

Humanitourism is scheduled for additional tours this year to Greece and Nepal to continue its mission of supporting animal welfare organizations and local communities to create a more connected, compassionate and inspired world. Visit their website to get involved!

Don’t forget to submit your own Humane Hero nominees! Click the link in the sidebar to get started.

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  1. Grace

    Hi Sarah- Thanks for writing this article about the great work that Humanitourism is doing around the world through our adventure travel programs that give people the opportunity to help animals, enjoy the great outdoors in a new culture and possibly adopt a special needs dog.

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