Tips to Nurture Your Pets’ Emotional Health

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Tip #1 – let them know how long you plan to be gone.

Our fur kids miss us when we’re not home. And they can get anxious. Before you step out the door, let them know where you’re going and how long you plan to be gone.

Tip #2 – provide toys and self care tools they can use themselves.

Our fur kids need to be stimulated or they get bored. Playing with them and grooming them is a must, but we can’t always do that when they need us to. Give them the goods so they can be stimulated own their own too.

Tip #3 – physically get down to their level & make eye contact.

Remember how everything seemed bigger when you were a kid? Think how huge you must seem to your pet!

Connect with them by getting down to their level and making non-threatening eye contact.

Tip #4 – give them a safe place to hide if they feel scared.

Everything from sneezes to new furniture and strangers to thunderstorms can be scary for our fur kids. Help them feel safe and secure by ensuring there’s always a place they can hide.

Tip #5 – explain things to them & be sure you have their attention thru eye contact & touch.

A lot of the things we humans do is weird AF to our pets. Make eye contact and touch your furry kid with a firm, but gentle hand. Then explain what you’re doing and why. They’ll feel safer and learn to trust your weird-o behavior.

Tip #6 – play with them. This facilitates bonding, trust, and friendship.

Play not only stimulates and entertains your furry kid, it also helps them bond with you and trust you. Make a little time everyday to play with your pets. They’ll love you for it!

Tip #7 – consider getting them a buddy.

No matter how much love, attention, and security we give them, there’s nothing like another furry friend to help make everything wonderful! (And honestly, you know you want a house full anyway!)

Tip #8 – tell them your mood is not their mood.

Your fur kids will take on your bad day as their own. But they can’t process is the same way. They’ll hold on to it and over time, it could impact their physical well-being. Remind them that they do not have to take on your mood as their own and they’re free to feel their own emotions.

Tip #9 – let them know company is coming.

New people in the house shifts the energy & can be scary for your pets. Let them know beforehand who is coming over and how you expect them to behave.

Tip #10 – let them sniff you, others, and objects.

Your pets’ sense of smell is way stronger than yours. By allowing them to sniff everything, they get a better sense of their surroundings and feel safer.

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