Hi, I’m Monkey!

I’m Sunny‘s sister.

Mommy also calls me Tubes (cause I roll around on the floor like a stiff tube), and Dainty (cause I’m tiny and look like I’m walking on my tip toes.)

As you may already know, Mommy adopted us when were just babies. When we first came home, it was so great having my sister with me.

We me our awesome big brother Socks and we’d play and cuddle together all the time. I was so happy that we got to stay together because we’d never been apart.

But after Sunny started having seizures, she got a little weird and I didn’t like being around her as much. I’d want to nap, and she’d want to play. I still loved her, but it was hard and the seizures themselves were really scary!

I know Mommy tried to help us get along, but it was like something in Sunny’s brain had short-circuited.

Even with the meds working, I had a hard time dealing with her.

Thankfully, Socks and I were always super close. He may be huge, but he’s always so gentle with me. I love when he bathes my head and sits next to me while we look out the big window at the birds and squirrels!

All in all, it was a pretty great life, even though Sunny made me nuts sometimes.

But then, one day, Sunny’s energy changed. She explained that Mommy had done some sort of healing on her and she didn’t feel as out of control any more.

It’s been great! We cuddle and play again like we used to. And when she gets too crazy, Mommy does more healing on her. I don’t know a lot about it, but I do know that it’s helped me get along with my sister again, and I’m really happy about that!

Besides hanging with my brother and sister, I also really love leaping on and clawing at our awesome kitty condo, “scarfing” myself around Mommy, scratching on the Turbo ball toy (FYI, that link is something Mommy calls an “affiliate” she makes a little money if you click and buy through it, but you don’t have to unless you want to), sitting in boxes, and curling up with Mommy under the blankets. She says my little chirpy purrs are the cutest thing she’s ever heard!

I’m so happy Mommy adopted me. I have the best life here!

Oh! And just so you know, if you’re on a video call with my mommy, you just might see me hop on the screen to give her some lovies. I think “helping” with her calls is super fun!