SARAH stands for Shamanic And Reiki Animal Healing.

When my guides first showed me that this was the name I was to use for my work healing animals, I actually cried. It’s clear I was NAMED for this work.

Having always felt a strong connection to animals, I’m truly honored to have been called in this way.

Here’s the basics of how SARAH works.

It’s a mix of both my Reiki training and shaman training. I work with my guides to tune in to your pet’s energetic field and determine what healing is needed.

As part of this, I work with Sunny, and my cat Peek-a-Boo on the spiritual plane, as well as some of my shamanic guides. 

As a healing team, we uncover what’s happening energetically with your pet. I report it to you in human-terms (or at least try to!) and get your approval to do the necessary “procedures.”

I will also use my skills as an animal communicator to ask your pet for their input.

Because of the way I’ve been gifted, I’m able to do this work from anywhere. I do not need to see your pet in person. I do prefer to be on video with you so that you can provide me live feedback about your pet during the session.

To do this work remotely, I use stuffed animals as stand-ins.


Tiger who I use for cats,

Max who helps with dogs,

and Twila who helps me with any animals I don’t have another stand-in for.

What your pet receives during a SARAH session is something far greater than either Reiki or shamanic healing alone would provide.

The SARAH method is NOT a replacement for routine veterinary care, prescriptions, or other necessary medical interventions.

The SARAH method IS a means of supporting the excellent physical care your pet gets from the vet. The two work together to provide you pet with physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

Why Pets Need Energy Healing

Animals, particularly those who’ve had extensive contact with humans in their history (such as through domestication) can inadvertently become damaged through this contact.

First, our pets pick up on our emotions and feelings. And because they don’t have a way to express them, those feelings can create behavioral and/or health changes within them, until the emotions are cleared.

Also, the science of epigenetics has shown that trauma can remain in the genetic code of living things for generations. So even if your current pet has only had the best life, they may be carrying trauma from somewhere else in their history.

Whether the trauma happened in this life – as is often the case with animals adopted from a shelter (and yes please, adopt, don’t shop!) – or from somewhere in their history, that trauma is impacting their current well-being.

This can manifest as behavioral issues, chronic illnesses, etc. (Just like with people.)

Energy healing, and SARAH specifically, clear that trauma and any attachments to it.

  • It helps to settle your pet’s energetic body so that their physical body can heal.
  • It helps them feel safe and relaxed.
  • It helps them recognize their current situation is different from whatever they were attached to, and thus helps alter their behavior patterns.
  • It’s an essential component to having a truly happy, healthy, and well pet.