Hi! I’m Socks!

Also known as Big Man, Kitty Poos, and Noggin-ator (cause I’ve got a really big head!)

I first met Mommy when she started dating my dad. I really liked her, and I even liked the cats she had when we first moved in with her. I don’t really remember them now, but I know they were nice. And I know Mommy was really sad for a little while after they died, but then Sunny and Monkey came to live with us, and everything was okay again.

When my dad moved out, he left me and now deceased Kizzy behind. At first, we were really sad and confused.

But Mommy helped us feel safe and reassured us that she’d never, ever leave us or let us down.

It helped that Monkey and Sunset were living here by then and I really love being a big brother! I’m super protective of my sisters and I make sure to be very gentle even we play.

Now, I don’t miss my dad at all. He’s been gone so long, I don’t really even remember him. I’m glad he left us with Mommy, though, cause she’s the best!

Besides playing with Monkey and Sunny, some of my favorite things to do are rub my face on these awesome corner things Mommy bought, which you can see in the video below (FYI, Mommy makes a little money from that affiliate link, but you only should by something if you really want to!), give head buts when Mommy is using the bathroom, nap on the top of the huge kitty condo, observe life through the big window, occasionally race through the house like a cat half my age, and sleep on Mommy’s legs or in my special cat bed.

I’m at least part Maine Coon, so I’m a pretty big dude, but I’m also the most gentle guy you’ll ever meet. Mommy says I’m the only man she needs in her life, so I feel pretty special. She also says my deep, splutter purrs are make her laugh.

And I’m glad she feels that way, cause I love her so much! I’d never want to live anywhere else.

You might not see much of me on calls with Mom. I’m too busy napping and coming up with new ways to play with my siblings. But I’ll still be writing my share of blog posts. See you soon!