Hi, I’m Sunset!

Everyone calls me Sunny, Banana, or Muffin, though. Mom says the Banana nickname is cause I’m crazy. And I guess I am a little.

Mommy adopted me and my sister, Monkey, from the Animal Rescue League in Bedford, NH when we were just babies.

When we came home, we met our big brother Socks and sister Kizzy, who has since passed away. We miss her, but we know she’s safe and loved on the other side.

Anyway, my favorite things to do are:

making muffins and sleeping on my froggy, racing around the house and jumping up walls, playing with Q-Tips (especially in the tub), and playing red light. Mommy even got a special one that she can turn on and walk away from cause I want to play so much! (FYI, that’s my mom’s affiliate link, so she’ll make a little money if you buy one, but don’t feel like you have to!)

Oh! I also really love to burrow under the covers and curl up next to Mommy. She says the purrs when I do that are the loudest thing ever!

I also have a very special role in Mommy’s life. You see, I developed seizures when I was about a year old. It really scared everyone, including me! At first, Mommy thought it was temporary, but they didn’t go away.

Then, she tried taking me for acupuncture and wanted me to eat some wet food with herbs mixed in. Well! I was having NONE of that. Let me tell you. Those acupuncture needles don’t hurt, but I hated them anyway. And the herbs? EEWWW!!!

So, when it became clear it wasn’t going to help with my seizures, Mommy took me to my regular vet for Phenobarbital. At first, this really stressed me (and Mommy) out. You see, the vet prescribed it in liquid form and I was having none of that! No way, Jose! It was NASTY!

Finally, in tears, Mommy called the vet and the pharmacy and begged them to fill it as a transdermal that she can just rub on my ear twice a day. I still give Mommy a hard time about it sometimes, but mostly I cooperate and it’s fast.

But just when it seemed like things were getting settled, my sister Kizzy started renal failure, and she wanted to hide in a bag right next to where we all would eat.

I really didn’t like this! It made me too sad to eat right next to where my sister was dying. So, I didn’t eat as much as I normally would and I lost a lot of weight.

But Mommy was also really distracted by Kizzy and didn’t notice right away. So my meds levels in my blood got way too high and I started to act really weird.

Mommy called the vet right away, but the two who know me weren’t in and Mommy wound up having to talk to someone who really upset her because the woman didn’t listen.

But my mom, she’s pretty stubborn, and she finally told the lady, “here’s what I’m gonna do,” and changed my meds dose.

And it was working great for a while. But in the meantime, I gained all the weight back because Mommy set up a special food bowl in another room.

With my weight back to normal, the dose was too low and the seizures started again.

So, we started working with the vet again to increase the dose, but in the meantime Mommy was really scared for me.

One day, she realized that she might be able to heal me the same way she’d learned to with people!

So, after checking in with her mentor to be sure it was okay, she did what became the very first SARAH session.

I have to tell you – I LOVED IT! At first I was a little freaked out by the energy, but very quickly I realized that she was helping me and that I felt better.

And the best part is, I haven’t had a seizure since. I still have to get my meds levels checked every six months, but they’re always perfect! And Mommy says that if they ever start to creep up, that’s a sign that my physical body is starting to heal based on the work she did. And of course, the vet will work with us to lower the dose too.

I’m so happy Mommy adopted me because I know no one else would be able to help me the way she has. And I love it because I get to help her too!

See, now that I’ve been through a SARAH session (well actually, I get regular tune-ups too!) I actually get to work with Mommy when she’s helping other people’s pets! How cool is that?!

Thanks for reading my story! I can’t wait to meet you and your furry family,