Q: What is the SARAH method?

A: SARAH stands for Shamanic And Reiki Animal Healing. This healing system was created by Sarah Woodard in cooperation with her spirit guides. She combines her training in Reiki and Shamanic healing to create an energy healing system that uses both. In doing so, a powerful healing method that is “more than the sum of its parts” was brought forth. You can read more about it here. 


Q: Will I still need to take my pet to the vet?

A: The short answer is yes. SARAH sessions are not intended to take the place of veterinary care. Rather, they support your pet’s physical healing on an energetic level. This means that by using it in conjunction with veterinary care and any necessary medications, your pet will have the healthiest, best life possible. There is the potential that your pet could itself to the point of no longer needing medication, but that will take time as the physical body is slower to heal than the energetic one, and is not guaranteed. Under no circumstances should you change your pet’s medication without first consulting with your vet.


Q: Is energy healing, and SARAH specifically, safe for my pet?

A: Absolutely yes! All Universal energy is inherently good. It is only the people using it that can choose to use it otherwise (at their own peril!) Because my calling, my mission, is to heal the world through healing animals, any work I do on your pet is only for their best and highest good, to enhance their well-being.


Q: How often can my pet receive healing using the SARAH method?

A: As often as you like! I offer package rates (link) to help out your wallet. But as far as your pet is concerned, they could receive healing almost daily without any adverse affects. That said, I do suggest you keep an eye on your pet for a day or so after the initial treatment. Some of them may be a little “weird.” This is temporary and is the result of their energy field rebalancing.


Q: Money is really tight. How can I possibly justify spending it on this?

A: I get it! We’re all living on a budget and sometimes, as much as we love them, our pets take a back seat. Especially when they’re relatively fine. But they’re a part of your household. Their happiness and behavior effects you and everyone else living with you. So taking care of their needs is also taking care of yourself and your family.


Q: Wouldn’t this work better in person?

A: Great question! No. It’s the same either way because what I’m doing is channeling energy/spirit (whatever you want to call it) guiding it to your pet. I use a stuffed animal as a stand-in to help with this.