He seems very happy and acts like he used to before the problem started.

Patricia Salas


It was very interesting to see his behavior when Sarah started the remote reiki on him. He came over to the desk I was sitting at and sat down in a crouched manner, swinging his tail very deliberately. He seemed to “feel” something happening. After the session he calmed down and was very relaxed.

Sheila Melody


We had a nice phone conversation which was very calming. I felt as though Auri was participating and she had a nice nap afterwards.



I am very grateful to you and I have decided to learn alternate healing and will help other animals in distress.

Sherlyn Menon


Sarah has helped my kitty feel better again and I’m quite grateful for that! Seeing him so aggressive was heartbreaking not to mention becoming a problem on our end too with an 8yr old around!
She’s knowledgeable, caring and makes communicating with her easy and comfortable!



It’s an easy process for the pet and owner.

Alethea Kehas

Willow & Ruby

Sarah helped my two youngest furbabies have a voice as well as answered the questions I had about their aggression. With Sarah’s help I now know their expressed needs and I can help Ruby & Willow going forward. Such a gift.

Diane Gardilcic